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Hello all! SuperStashFinders here and I am new to the NWOGEO forums. I am very excited to have found a group of like minded people to chat about caching and I look forward to meeting some of you in person. Fist off i want to express my appreciation for the moderators, admins and anyone else who helped build and maintained theses forums. I have built php forums in the past and I understand how time consuming and frustration working with a server side scrip can and be. So thank you! You have all done an fine job ;)

The reason I have created this post was really just to take a minute and say hi to all the other member. I was unable to find a thread set up for introductions and when I went to look under Suggestions, Feedback & Site Help to suggest such a thread, I was unable to find a thread to make a suggestion for an introductions thread. lol So I figured I would create a thread for suggestions.

So First let me briefly expand on my introduction. Like i mentioned I go by the geo name SuperStashFinders. You may have noticed the name suggest that there is more than one SuperStashFinder and you would be correct. I created the account on GC for me, my daughter and my girlfriend. So there are actually 3 SuperStashFinders :D We live on lake Seneca in Montpelier Ohio so we are in the very northwest corner. Some of our faviort caches are night caches in the woods and we are very excited about attending the Midwest Geobash!

And now for a few suggestions.
  1. How about an Introductions thread on the main page. Just a place where new members can go to introduce themselves.
  2. A main html page with an event calender, Some photos, and a little information about the group then you could just have it link to the forums
  3. How about replacing the phoBB logo in the top right of the forums with your own logo. IT would make it look better.
Thats just a few suggestions that come to mind.
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