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Geocaching on the Live Well Network

Posted: Mon 2013-05-27, 21:44:17
by GrizzFlyer
The Motion show on the Live Well Network did a show on geocaching, and it is available to watch at THIS LINK.

Motion is a great show produced by the Aiello brothers, where they go to different places and do outdoorsy stuff, usually hiking in the western USA. Its an interesting show, they get into some nice areas. This segment was produced in 2009, but I just found out about it today, and watched the 22 minute segment online. Very accurate, and they had two cachers on there who did a great job of representing our activity.

They even hid a cache, but I don't think its active anymore. It was called Motion Cache, no keyword search results. Searched on "motion", didn't realize how popular that word was in Sweden and Denmark.

Maybe this belongs in the In The News section, but although it is in the media, its not really news, so I plopped it here.