2012 Golden Ammo Can List

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2012 Golden Ammo Can List

Post by cachergirl27 »

We are fast approaching the 2012 Holiday Shindig and here is the list of Golden Ammo Can recipients/givers:
Trainut (last receiver in 2011) ------->
TTBPH --------->
HiJeffinition ------------->
Maggot49 -------->
Andog ----------->
Jarcc ----------->
MinaDragon -------->

If you do NOT plan on attending the 12/9 shindig, and are on this list, PLEASE let me know if you're willing to make a can for the next person or if we should take you off the list. If you get a can, you give a can. We will need to know NO LATER than 11/25/2012 to give folks time to make their cans. Thanks!
****edited 11/1 to reflect Maggot49's entry***
****edited 11/25 to reflect that RadioRbt will NOT be attending the shindig!*****
*****edited 12/4 to reflect MinaDragon's entry*******
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