GABB II Event (June 30-July 4, 2012)

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GABB II Event (June 30-July 4, 2012)

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The Event: The Great American Birthday Bash II
When: June 30- July 4th, 2012 Cincinnati, Ohio
Group Dinner is Queen City River Boat on Saturday June 30th

Click here to see the Listing

************************N E W S F L A S H*****************************

You will need to book this ASAP as space is limited. We are having Lunch on a Queen City River Boat on Saturday the 30th. If you
wish to be on this cruse the cost is $31.40 per person. This includes everything you will need PLUS we will have some Door prizes :D
Noon till 2pm

Please let us know you are coming by Signing the GABB Curise event page.
Remember to book this ASAP as we are SURE that the boat will sell out fast.
Click to see the GC.Com GABB Event Lunch Cruise

Booth at Sawyer Point will be open:
Saturday 8am till 11am (River Boat Cruise at noon)
Sunday 11am till 1pm
Monday 6 to 8pm
Tuesday 6 to 8pm
Webnesday Noon till ? (The day of the Fireworks)

We will meet at the Seasongood Pavilion at 9am Sunday to hand out door Prizes as we did last year and
to get a Group Photo. There is lots of FREE parking all around here with sidewalks that take you right
to the Pavilion.

NEW STUFF and CHANGES so far for the 2012 GABB Event

To make things easy this year, Everything will be online the 28th. The GPX
file to all the caches set up in VC, Caches, Blocks, Water Caches, Driving Trails
and Games. If you do not have a way to do GPX files to your GPS, We will have a
hard copy that you can print out before you come. You may wish to print this out
anyway just in case.

>GPX File for waypoints will be online and color coded.
>Event Booklet will be online only in PDF files.
>Added Driving trail caches
>Added Water Caches (You can do them at anytime or you can do the (Event listing)
>Added 5 New parks and we will use 3 more of the parks we did in 2011
>Games will be set up different. (We will have a booth set up and they will be played in the same park) And all will be listed on GC as an Event.
>Orginized night group hunts will be done this year.
>Adding at least 120 more caches for 2012 (700 caches) with many more hard caches
>MUNZEE's The New 21st Century Geocaching game.
>SPECIAL extra day. June 29th Friday NIGHTCACHING Hike at 9pm

Image The Fire Coin

This is the official 2012 Event coin. Last years coins where silver while this
years coin will be gold. Just like last years coins, These are in limited numbers,
of 100, trackable and are very collectable.

You may wish to bring the following things with you:
-Camera for the VC caches you will be finding.
-Clip Board.
-Flash Light for night caching.
-Writing tools. Can't have too many of these on you.

-The 2011 event went very very well. We are sure in 2012 it will be even bigger.

-This event was set up in part by SWOGO and the Cincinnati Parks . The Parks picked the dates for this event and SWOGO will
be doing the foot work to make it happen. For 5 days we invite you to come to Cincinnati and enjoy many geo events/caches
101 Classes/Coin and travel bug trading. Cincinnati has many parks that we will be taking you to places you didn't go in 2011. we
will set these parks up for you to explore and geocache in. We will keep you busy every day while you are here. The crown Jewel of
all of this is Sawyer Point. Come and Enjoy one of the nations truly unique parks.

We want to Thank the Following for helping SWOGO and CIncinnati Parks put on this great event:
MVG Miami Valley Geocachers
NKG Northern Kentucky Geocachers
Scioto Watershed Area Geocachers
Another Game by Team Jedi
(We will also soon list the credit to all the good folks that have worked hard to bring you this event)

If you want to support the GABB event and be listed, please send us an email at Subject GABB

Click here to see the SWOGO 2011 event page
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