Help wanted - Volunteers! Please sign-up here.

Event planning for the 2008 Holiday Shindig.
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Help wanted - Volunteers! Please sign-up here.

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Expanding on ScouterJoe's original post, this post will be edited to reflect the areas where volunteers are needed and who offers to lead and help.
ScouterJoe wrote:Excellent! Now we need to get some people to step up to do a few things:

Food Chairperson
Entertainment Chair
Maybe some Perrysburgers to hide a dozen or so caches
Poker run? (Can we beg, borrow or steal Jason?)
CITO event at the park?
Raffle/door prize chairperson?

Without a doubt I'm missing the critical piece. But maybe greater minds than I will include it.

Chime in here if you can take one of these spots, or even a piece of one. The more the better; more hands make less work!
Volunteer Area- Lead Person, Helpers
Food & Drink - Lead Person: shannienkitch, Helpers: Good Dog, Mrs. Good Dog (pot luck people listed HERE)
Activities (Geocaching & Non Geocaching) - Lead Person: _____, Helpers: bridgethegap, OnDHunt, P-BurgZoo
Entertainment - Lead Person: Stumpy75, Helpers:_____
Awards & Prizes - Lead Person: TheBearclaws, Helpers:_____
Decorations - Lead Person: Scuba, Helpers:_____
Check-in/Welcome Table - Lead Person: GizmoGuy411, Helpers: jhenkel
Location - Lead Person: Good Dog
Set-up & Clean-up - Lead Person: Good Dog, Helpers: Stumpy75, Mighty_Mo
GC Page/Event Promotion - Lead Person: GizmoGuy411, Helpers: Stumpy75

The following cachers have volunteered, but have not yet committed to an area:

- schwnman99(Mrs)
- schwnman991(Mr)
- gsmom59

Once you volunteer to lead or help in an area, please post in the respective topic area.
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Re: Help wanted - Volunteers! Please sign-up here.

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