City of Toledo Parks (2017)

Discussion of geocaching land use

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City of Toledo Parks (2017)

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I just called the City of Toledo's Park's Commissioner and talked about their policies and procedures regarding geocaching. She says that she is all for anything that brings people to the parks. I asked about tree climbing and she said as long as it is not dangerous for the person and does not harm the trees, that she is fine with that. I asked if they would want to be notified of new geocaches and she said they only wanted to be notified if the hide involved more than just minor digging. I, of course, told her that digging is not allowed for geocaches. She also pointed out that Metal Detecting is specifically not allowed (although she personally does not see why that is not allowed).
Here is her contact information:
Lisa Ward, Commissioner
Division of Parks, Recreation and Forestry
2201 Ottawa Parkway
Toledo, OH 43606
She is also aware of this group and website and said if anything changes, she would notify us here.
Of course, if the commissioner changes, the next person might not notify us here.
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