How to read unread posts first?

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How to read unread posts first?

Post by GrizzFlyer »

Does this board have a feature or setting that enables the reader to open an existing topic, and it scrolls to the first new reply to that topic?

Beats having to scroll down and find the last one you read, and start from there. Looked around in preferences and some other places that option might be, couldn't find it. I see the newest/oldest first option, that isn't it. That just inverts the reply order.

It must be somewhere, I'm just not seeing it?


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Re: How to read unread posts first?

Post by GizmoGuy411 »

The short answer is no.

The system only knows the last date you were on. For it to actually know the last post you read in each area would require a much larger database.

So the closest thing, it to use the method described here:

and in the video in the post that follows.
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Re: How to read unread posts first?

Post by SkiDooGuy »

That functionality is already built into phpBB boards.

When there are unread topics for you they should appear with the icon to the left of them red.

Then there will be a little orange box pictured below. Clicking this box should take you to the first unread post in the topic.
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Re: How to read unread posts first?

Post by SuchaNana »

way cool 8) thanks skidooguy... learned my something new for the day !!
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