Mudhens Game

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Would you be interested in attending a MudHens game? (Open Poll for 14 days)

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Re: Mudhens Game

Post by andog »

I had an idea for a name if it was an event cache. As I was starting to make up my favorites bookmark I included a cache named "Oh, How We Love Them Hens!" GCT082 which is at Ned Skeldon Stadium but this event should be named "Oh, How We Love Them Hens!-The Event". I would of course ask the owners of the previously mentioned cache for permission to use that name but I think it is a pretty good idea.
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Re: Mudhens Game

Post by SuchaNana »

Soooooo, What-the-heck-happened to the idea thread? no game/event in 2009 and now working on 2010? or did y'all have it and I just cached around it?
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