Oak Openings Region May 2014

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Oak Openings Region May 2014

Postby mdwalsh19 » Thu 2013-11-14, 18:47:43

Hi, I recently was in contact with Park Manager at Olander Erika Buri. She is interested in having geocaching a part of Blue Weekend this next year (2014). I looked and saw alot of the areas have geocaches in place already. So I suggested an event or two being placed in the areas during other scheduled events. She is looking for a individual or individuals that are interested. Anyone interested in hosting? Below is the email I received from her:

Each year The Olander Park System partners with other conservation agencies to put on an event called Blue Weekend. It usually takes place in May, and we schedule hikes, tours and other events showcasing the Oak Openings Region (if you aren’t familiar with that term, I can fill you in). We have been interested in involving geocaching as a way to get people to participate in the weekend and out to visit these cool natural areas we are trying to promote, but none of us are geocachers. Are you, or do you know someone who would be, interested in working out something specific to that weekend and the Oak Openings Region that would draw a different audience than we usually attract for this event? Is there a local group of Geocachers we can get involved? We are putting plans together now for next year’s event, so if we can have something even sort of formed, it would be a great start! Let me know what you think!

Blue Weekend takes place May 16th through 19th, 2014. If there is an individual or a group of you that would be interested in putting something together and letting others know about it that would be awesome. We would be able to include it in all our advertising for the weekend. I have attached a flyer from last year’s event…we took it up to a week for the first time last year and decided we didn’t want to do that again J At any rate, the way this usually works is we ask for volunteers to do something related to or in the Oak Openings Region and we add it to the schedule. Things can overlap or cover several days, pretty much any option is possible. Talk with your group and see if anyone is interested. The website for the organization we do this event through is www.oakopenings.org and there is all sorts of related info on there, including a map of the publicly held natural areas included in the Region. We have Toledo Metroparks, ODNR, the Maumee State Forest, The Nature Conservancy and The Toledo Zoo involved.
Let me know if you have any questions or would like me to come introduce the idea at the next first Tuesday.


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Re: Oak Openings Region May 2014

Postby TeamMina » Sat 2013-11-23, 19:14:30

This is indeed interesting.
We would probably need to get a group together and sort out what type of thing they would like us to work into their program first.
There are many geocaches out already that many geocachers have found.
And they do already hold kid-friendly temporary-cache placement events too.

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Re: Oak Openings Region May 2014

Postby jslagle » Wed 2013-12-11, 00:17:47

Hey I know her!

Jason Slagle
Official geek of nwogeo :D

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Re: Oak Openings Region May 2014

Postby SuchaNana » Wed 2014-01-22, 00:20:41

bump....did this go anywhere with anyone?
SuchaNana...Life is STILL an Adventure...

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Re: Oak Openings Region May 2014

Postby GoodDog » Fri 2014-01-24, 16:34:40

I really don't think too many people look at our site much anymore. Maybe we need an actual NwoGeo facebook page. Maybe we have one, who knows.

I will be on vacation and out of town that week, but it does sound like a good idea especially if we can get a free or reduced (like to $ 250 - Simpson cost) rental for Dec. 7 Shindig. We had a party there a few years ago, and the hall is nice.
I hope somebody runs with this.

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Re: Oak Openings Region May 2014

Postby Waggy6 » Fri 2014-01-24, 16:46:50

I'm here looking at the page. a facebook page would be really annoying. Raffle tickets in the caches to claim for prizes.

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Re: Oak Openings Region May 2014

Postby cheechgang » Fri 2014-01-24, 18:54:57

You won't get me on Facebook, but maybe that's a good thing...

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Re: Oak Openings Region May 2014

Postby cachergirl27 » Sat 2014-01-25, 14:04:50

We have an official FB page, but not everyone is on FB (which is ok!). That's why when I have something of importance to get out there, such as changes in events, or planning events, I make sure I post it here & there. Good Dog, I will invite you to the FB page.

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Re: Oak Openings Region May 2014

Postby Chaenorrhinum » Wed 2014-01-29, 19:56:50

I'd be interested in helping to set something up. I'll have to double check the work calendar tomorrow, though.

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