11/8/2009 Re-Org Meeting Notes

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11/8/2009 Re-Org Meeting Notes

Postby cachergirl27 » Mon 2009-11-09, 03:34:14

[align=center]NWOGEO Re-Org Mtg 11/8/2009
(Steering Committee Discussion Portion)[/align]
Anddog4276, Suchanana, GrandmaBaby13, JSlagle, CheechGang, TheBearclaws, RNW422, DougOhio2, BabyIrish2011, Sunrenay, Jhenkel, Scuba, MightyMo, Yogi57 & Mrs. Yogi (and Boo)

JSlagle gave a brief overview of how the group got started & what the founding members' object was in forming this group. He touched on how the Steering Committee came to be and how it ended up in its current state. He then opened the floor up for suggestions.

The major idea was to reinstate a Steering Committee (SC) of some sort. There were several ideas presented:
1. A five (5) member SC.
2. Having three (3) SC members from each of our major areas (i.e. Toledo, Defiance, and Findlay) .
3. Having a SC along with a delegate from each of the major areas.

It was discussed & agreed upon that 5 SC members was too few, 10 was too many. Seven SC members seemed to be the right amount. The idea of having 3 members from each of the major areas was discussed & it was agreed that this would be hard to fulfill.
The majority agreement was that there would be a 7 member SC, and the members would be nominated by either putting their own name in, or by someone nominating them. Jslagle will initiate a forum topic for this, or alternatively, nominations can be made at the Dec. 6 Holiday Shindig. Within the selected SC, a secretary, treasurer and leader of the SC would be appointed.

If a NWOGEO member is nominated, they will be asked if they would like to be considered for the SC. If a nominee does NOT wish to be on the SC, then his/her name will be removed from consideration. The majority agreed that the SC should approve any incoming SC member.

Veteran Members:
It is obviously imperative to have at least a few veteran members on the SC to guide the new members. JSlagle did volunteer to stay on the SC as a veteran member. We would still need at least one more, if not 2 more, veteran SC members to step up for this.

There was no agreement on how long a SC term would be, but this needs to be determined (perhaps once the SC is selected) and published. There was a suggestion of a one year term for SC members. Also, the number of times the SC would meet was brought up. It was thought that 1-2 times a year would be too little, and that quarterly meetings might be the way to go.

There were several ideas on who would qualify to serve on the SC. The amount of time one has been caching or involved in NWOGEO is not a good indicator of how well they would serve on the SC. Nor is the amount of caches found. This is one reason for the presiding SC to approve the nominees. Defining "who is a member of NWOGEO" was left to a SC, once one has been put in place.

Duties: It was discussed that the SC would be a decision making body. However, the purpose of the SC is to help guide events and functions, NOT to make sure that events or functions are planned and organized. This duty still falls to the general membership. This does not mean that a SC member cannot or will not help out with a function or event if they so desire.

[align=center]NWOGEO Re-Org Mtg 11/8/09
Miscellaneous Discussions[/align]
Along with the above Steering Committee discussions, there were other topics brought up.

1. A "newbie" forum was discussed. There was the opinion from some attendees that after joining the website there was a lack of communication. Also it was brought up that at the Meet & Eats there was a lack of prior members interacting with new cachers. A newbie forum might help alleviate that feeling by posting topics in this area for "new to NWOGEO" and new cachers alike can use. Several cache owners in attendance agreed that when a newer cacher logs one of their caches, they send a "welcome" e-mail to that cacher informing them of NWOGEO.org, etc... We also discussed the pamphlets that will be printed up shortly.

2. A short update on our current website was given by JSlagle. Upgrades will be made, eventually, to our website.

3. The meet and eats in general were discussed. It was agreed the Defiance meet & eat was a great success, and it was discussed whether this should be a NWOGEO "sponsored" event. That was left for the SC to decide.

4. General local caching was discussed and some fun and frivolity occurred, too.

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Re: 11/8/2009 Re-Org Meeting Notes

Postby bravo872 » Mon 2009-11-09, 03:43:43

Thank you for posting the minutes we were out of the state and very disappointed that we could not be in attendance.

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Re: 11/8/2009 Re-Org Meeting Notes

Postby jslagle » Mon 2009-11-09, 04:54:47

Moved to new NWOGEO group forum

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