How should NWOGEO proceed in the future?

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How should NWOGeo proceed in the future?

Poll ended at Mon 2008-05-19, 02:49:09

Become Non-Profit 501.3(c)
Continue as we are.
Invite new members to SC to try to revive it
Disolve the group
Total votes: 26

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Re: How should NWOGeo proceed in the future?

Postby GizmoGuy411 » Fri 2009-09-25, 23:04:42

The two primary NWOGEO organization topics are now combined in this forum topic.

Please visit the Events Forum for infomation on the latestorganizational meeting:

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Re: How should NWOGEO proceed in the future?

Postby diamond1949 » Sat 2009-09-26, 00:55:43

The only NWOGEO meeting we attended was GREAT!!!! Met a lot of nice people who were very helpful to explain more about cacheing, assisting with where to find more information and how to use the cache pages to their fullest capacity and geocaching website pages. The energy and efforts of each and every one of the members there that evening showed us novice Cacher's they are people who like to have FUN. Because of that one meet and eat meeting, my husband saw what geocaching was really about. The technology (computers/programs/gps) we use to find a nano in a hay stack (well you get the idea). I applaud the SC and membership for the hard work they have done over the years and encourage them to keep moving forward. Above all keep the word "FUN" in whatever direction NWOGEO decides to go. This only a HOBBY...not a matter of life and death. We look forward to coming to the October meeting in Bowling Green.
Diamond1949.....Miami County, Ohio

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Re: How should NWOGEO proceed in the future?

Postby SuchaNana » Thu 2009-11-05, 23:36:37

SuchaNana...Life is STILL an Adventure...

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