Missing Children and Geocaching

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Missing Children and Geocaching

Postby SuchaNana » Tue 2013-06-11, 18:41:52

for the past week, whenever i saw a video of the police and others
searching along the river for Elaina Steinfurth, i wondered if other geocachers should be forewarned that it's an active missing person search area?

i was seeing areas where i have already collected a smiley, as most of us have, but how do we warn unsuspecting smartphone newbie geocachers?...
of course, seems problematic... but still...

perhaps the headlines could read: local geocachers searching also... remember the 3 Skelton boys from near Morenci, Mich. - i was oh-so-careful looking,
not wanting to find them in the process of caching... but still...
SuchaNana...Life is STILL an Adventure...

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