Email from the Ohio Historical Society

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Re: Email from the Ohio Historical Society

Postby TheMoopAlong » Mon 2006-05-22, 17:56:55

There are similar emails being shot out around the state. If you read some of the other boards, NEOGEO for example, the cachers there are also being asked to do ridiculous things to their existing caches. It appears they are using a large zoomed out Google view of what area is in question and not doing any research. Typical rules before knowledge stuff.

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Re: Email from the Ohio Historical Society

Postby GoodDog » Wed 2006-05-24, 02:06:11

I don't know why Capt. Buckeye approved the Hysterical Society cache, unless he was just being nice to them and granting an exception. I did get an email back from the OHS and they observed that requirements 5 and 6 might be a little hard for a virtual cache. They also said that the main reason for regestering a virtual cache was to keep track of them and to make sure an inappropriate name for the cache wasn't used. GC already does this, and I don't see that they have any standing for a virtual cache, but just to be a good dog, I'll fill out the form. Next year, however, when it comes to renewal time, if they won't automatically it, I'll fight it more. Unless the GC geniuses, who are allowing such a dumb idea as registering virtuals with an independent group, stand up for us we are cooked anyway. That's about the time I switch to Navicahce or some other web site.

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Re: Email from the Ohio Historical Society

Postby Hydnckr » Wed 2006-05-24, 22:29:19

you see....the 1/10th of a mile is a GUIDELINE....sounds like you're trying to apply LOGIC to these maneuvers.

Remember the Wood County virtuals ???? The one in Buttonwood park was certainly not 1/10 from my traditional.

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Re: Email from the Ohio Historical Society

Postby Bjorn74 » Thu 2006-05-25, 00:44:35

Easy answer, everyone. There's been word that virtuals are not counted in the proximity calculations anymore.

It really is too bad that they took the best permit system in the state (ODNR) and mixed it with the very worst (FCMP). Maybe someone should have a chat with them about how well Franklin County's policy has done. Hardly any caches are hidden in the metro parks since they instituted their "Over our dead body" policy. But I'm in Indiana now, so I can't just drive over after work (which I don't have, either :-( )

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Re: Email from the Ohio Historical Society

Postby BlackBrownDog » Thu 2006-05-25, 12:38:18

At least by the reply, the just took it for granted that the permit were written to be "cache friendly" not knowing that we'd think it was such. Also it sound like they're flexible. We'll see if we can't help them touch their toes with some encouragement for changes as need requires. I hope to get some time to see if I couldn't put one out on Kelley's island, but I don't see us getting out there more than 2x/year...but people only find those a couple times a year outside of US/Canadian holiday weekends.

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