MWGB Sales

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MWGB Sales

Postby cachergirl27 » Tue 2010-08-10, 15:38:05

Just a follow up on our table @ MWGB. We ended up selling quite a few preforms & pathtags. Our profit was $274.

We are now sold out of pathtags and I am unsure if we will be ordering more.

We do still have some preforms for sale if anyone is interested. Capped & uncapped.

We have golf pencils, too, for purchase!

PM me if you are interested in purchasing any of the above!

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Re: MWGB Sales

Postby GizmoGuy411 » Wed 2010-08-11, 20:35:49

We also traded some preforms for some interesting waterproof equipment containers.

We'll probably bring some to the M&Es if anyone is interested. We may sell them for around $10 each.

I'll add a picture of one here when I get a chance.

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