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by Handyman-N-Fam
Thu 2017-08-24, 16:10:24
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Topic: Virtual Rewards
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Virtual Rewards

Anyone around here get one?
by Handyman-N-Fam
Sat 2016-05-21, 08:14:06
Forum: Geocaching Guidelines
Topic: Geocaching in Cemeteries - "SQ" for "Spirit Q
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Re: Geocaching in Cemeteries - "SQ" for "Spirit Q

Does anyone recognize this cemetery? Friend visited caching last year, thought it was near Defiance: Is it half moon plot?
by Handyman-N-Fam
Fri 2015-10-16, 15:14:55
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Topic: Water Walk
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Re: Water Walk

Now would be the time to replace it if you are going to.
I drove across the Grand Rapids bridge today. The water is really low.
by Handyman-N-Fam
Fri 2015-09-11, 15:14:58
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Topic: just venting...
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Re: just venting...

Apparently, Ancient Lake also went missing. BlackBrownDog got a log from someone on her WebCam cache saying that they were just at Ancient Lake and all they found was a ziploc baggie with a Ranger's card in it, but no cache. It's unclear whether the ranger took the cache (really unlikely!) or if so...
by Handyman-N-Fam
Sun 2015-08-23, 11:00:08
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Topic: Mighty Mo's Caches
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Re: Mighty Mo's Caches

If you look at Mighty Mo's profile under the "Geocaches" tab, you will see that the total owned caches is 22. You will also notice that there are only 8 caches still listed as owned. That is because cheech gang adopted the majority of MM's caches. Cheech will need to chime in, but there we...
by Handyman-N-Fam
Tue 2015-06-09, 17:33:12
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Topic: Nominations for Steering Committee
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Re: Nominations for Steering Committee

I had to leave before this was discussed at the Fling. I've got a few questions that were likely discussed. What is being done with nominations? Who is voting on the new committee, the whole group or the current steering committee? Will it be a public ballot or blind voting? How many members do you ...
by Handyman-N-Fam
Fri 2015-04-17, 08:00:11
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Topic: National Parks Week 2015
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Re: National Parks Week 2015

Yesterday I read that, starting in the fall, 4th graders and their families will get free admission to all national parks.
Coincidentally, starting in the fall, we will have a 4th grader in our house. :D
by Handyman-N-Fam
Mon 2015-03-30, 15:18:53
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Topic: 2015 Spring Fling
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Re: 2015 Spring Fling

I would rather find caches in the park than find park and grabs around the area.
Unless it rains... Then I would prefer the park and grabs.

I hope this helps. :twisted:
by Handyman-N-Fam
Thu 2014-12-25, 10:55:47
Forum: Shout-Outs!
Topic: Just Bragging - Hit 1,000
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Re: Just Bragging - Hit 1,000

Wait, What? You used one of my caches for your milestone?! It is an honor. :D

Congrats on the accomplishment!!
by Handyman-N-Fam
Sun 2014-11-30, 18:28:33
Forum: Shout-Outs!
Topic: "T-Hunter" 1000 Puzzles
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Re: "T-Hunter" 1000 Puzzles

I think you need your head examined...

by Handyman-N-Fam
Sun 2014-10-26, 19:17:38
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Topic: Local Oldies Caches
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Re: Local Oldies Caches

I've got one that will reach it's 10th birthday this week. :D

SQ- One more Augies cache

I didn't place it, but am honored to be the caretaker of the cache.
by Handyman-N-Fam
Wed 2014-09-10, 17:54:26
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Topic: Cachergirl27 sees the light for #7,000
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Re: Cachergirl27 sees the light for #7,000

by Handyman-N-Fam
Tue 2014-08-26, 15:58:49
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Topic: Tunnel Caches
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Re: Tunnel Caches