New Poll - Picnic or No?

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Which would you be willing to pay for? (10 day poll)

Poll ended at Sat 2009-03-07, 13:34:28

$10 Ballgame Only Ticket
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$25 Ballgame and Picnic Ticket
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Total votes: 0

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New Poll - Picnic or No?

Post by cachergirl27 »

Again, I'll post this in a poll, but just to get people thinking: do we want to do the regular $10 ticket, or the $25 picnic & ticket combo. The picnic/ticket gets you unlimited hot dog/hamburgs, 2 side dishes, cookies & pop for 1.5 hours (.5 hour before the game, an hour into the game), but on the other hand if you have a family of 4 (2 adults 2 kids) that's $100 bucks for the game v. $40 & eating before the game. Just something to chew on (pun intended!)
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Re: New Poll - Picnic or No?

Post by scuba »

I could easy eat my $25 worth.
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