1babs celebrates 1,000

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1babs celebrates 1,000

Postby SuchaNana » Wed 2013-11-20, 19:41:47

WOOHOO... :clap: :clap: geocaching since October 22, 2006, our cookie-loving 1babs found her 1,000th cache hide...GC4K4FP...Can I Get a Witness

out on a wickedly windy nw ohio fall day, her original target of Cemetery Juices was not do-able because of the prior days' tornadoes, thunderstorms and high winds
leaving a trail of downed trees, power outages and muddy, treacherous cache sites... however, being the ever industrious scouting pro that she is,
and working within a limited time frame for personal geo-time off for searching, she quickly found a nearby aptly-named hide on White Pine Rd...

Image Image Image[align=center]INCOGNITO..........FOILED 1K ATTEMPT....... 1K HAPPY DANCE WITNESSED.........now Barb's ready for the holiday shindig ammo can presentations !!
SuchaNana...Life is STILL an Adventure...

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Re: 1babs celebrates 1,000

Postby cheechgang » Thu 2013-11-21, 08:23:56

Nice. Glad to see you are still having fun, even without cookies being involved.
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Re: 1babs celebrates 1,000

Postby sm_geo » Sun 2013-11-24, 23:23:00

Congrats, 1babs! Way to go!

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Re: 1babs celebrates 1,000

Postby Handyman-N-Fam » Mon 2013-11-25, 07:24:17


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Re: 1babs celebrates 1,000

Postby Bucknut63 » Tue 2013-11-26, 08:33:11

Congrats , Way to Go!!!!!!!!

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Re: 1babs celebrates 1,000

Postby cancunbabe » Tue 2013-11-26, 10:08:36

Way to go! AWESOME. JOB! Congratulations on your #1000. :P

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Re: 1babs celebrates 1,000

Postby dolphinlady » Mon 2014-01-06, 15:30:50

Congrats on 1,000 . :D

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