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2018 Event Calendar

Posted: Sun 2018-02-18, 09:35:10
by Angelus_Cowl
I was curious if there was any information available for any of the upcoming annual events. I know the Spring Fling is going to be in May per tradition, but was hoping to find out which weekend specifically.

Re: 2018 Event Calendar

Posted: Mon 2018-02-19, 13:56:02
by Swing Dancer
I too am curious about the NWOGEO 2018 event schedule.

Re: 2018 Event Calendar

Posted: Fri 2018-02-23, 19:13:37
by Angelus_Cowl
If the CITO dates have not been set yet, I have the dates for the annual CITO events:

    Spring CITO: April 21-29, 2018
    Fall CITO: September 15-23, 2018

It looks like the Fall CITO can't line up with the roadside cleanup if we kept the April/June/August/October schedule, but the spring could.

Re: 2018 Event Calendar

Posted: Mon 2018-03-12, 21:17:04
by PBZ
Spring fling will be 5/19 in Deshler

Re: 2018 Event Calendar

Posted: Tue 2018-04-03, 16:50:55
by mdwalsh19
The Spring Fling is on the same day as the Crosswinds Event in Michigan.

Could make attendance turnout smaller at one of these events.

Wish I could go to both, but not on same day it's impossible.

Re: 2018 Event Calendar

Posted: Wed 2018-04-04, 12:01:55
by Papa2All
Spring Fling is the same weekend that Walbridge has it's hometown festival with community garage sales so DL and I will not be able to attend the Fling. Just an FYI so you can work on the cooking ahead of time. SORRY.