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Lake Erie Island event?

Posted: Sat 2016-08-27, 12:27:20
by Angelus_Cowl
Just putting out general feelers. Would there be interest from the community for an event at Put-in-Bay or Kelleys Island? Not sure what the event would entail, but might bring a bunch of us to a new area to explore.

Re: Lake Erie Island event?

Posted: Sun 2016-08-28, 16:11:18
by SuchaNana
go ahead and plan one with a few of your geo friends who haven't done them...
the caches on the island are mostly pibteach and BlackBrownDog's if i remember and don't think they've updated/changed/replaced with new in quite a few years
and the last CITO on the islands was like 3 years ago...
with the costs of the trip and no new caches to find, most nwogeo folks already have those.... soooo - probably not methinks...

Re: Lake Erie Island event?

Posted: Wed 2016-08-31, 17:42:58
by mdwalsh19
I think there is a camping event every fall at Put In Bay. I think Blackbrowndog has one.