2015 Spring Fling

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2015 Spring Fling

Postby McCombRef » Sat 2015-03-28, 11:43:02

I am pretty sure I know the answer to this put I am going to ask it anyways.


The caches for the Spring Fling will be hidden in the next few days.

A few years ago we started hiding the caches for the spring fling in the confines of Litzenburg Park. This was done mainly because the gas prices were very high. Should this type of hiding continue or would the members like to travel around the Hancock County and Findlay areas to find the poker run caches?

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Re: 2015 Spring Fling

Postby redhatjudyh » Mon 2015-03-30, 12:44:05

I think Harry and I will cancel each other out. I would like to keep it at the park. I enjoy meeting other cachers along the way and not getting in and out of the car/van. On the other hand I think Harry would like the Hancock County thing because of his legs.

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Re: 2015 Spring Fling

Postby T-Hunter » Mon 2015-03-30, 14:20:56

It was also done due to time. If they are close enough time shouldn't be an issue. We have been wrapping up pretty quickly. I'm not opposed to a little driving.

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Re: 2015 Spring Fling

Postby Handyman-N-Fam » Mon 2015-03-30, 15:18:53

I would rather find caches in the park than find park and grabs around the area.
Unless it rains... Then I would prefer the park and grabs.

I hope this helps. :twisted:

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Re: 2015 Spring Fling

Postby SuchaNana » Mon 2015-03-30, 15:39:57

i vote for in the park - usually there's time to grab a few area cache hides before & after the event...
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Re: 2015 Spring Fling

Postby TeamMina » Mon 2015-03-30, 17:57:01

Mina loves not being stuck in the car.
Cachin' and beggin' for snacks is why she goes.

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Re: 2015 Spring Fling

Postby Starkacher » Tue 2015-03-31, 04:20:27

My preference is within the park also. Although I am not opposed to having some within a few miles of the park. If they get too far away, there would have to be a 4-5 hour window for the poker run like there is at the Geobash. I always cache my way to and from the spring fling by caching the Findlay area. So, I do not want to do go too far during the fling.

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Re: 2015 Spring Fling

Postby mdwalsh19 » Tue 2015-03-31, 19:13:03

SW00P asked me to respond for him.

He votes for caches in the park. It is just easier to cache in the big park.

If I want to go to Walmart and lift a skirt I can do that any time.

Just my opinion. Thanks for placing them.

Now if your going to hide a micro in the woods, I vote for skirt lifters.

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