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MOGA 2014

Postby T-Hunter » Fri 2013-11-22, 10:01:37

Next year (March 29) MOGA will be at Athens Ohio. Is anyone else other than myself planning on going? It is the same weekend that Belle Isle usually is. ... 0a659b47bb

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Re: MOGA 2014

Postby KitKat055 » Sat 2013-11-30, 18:01:59

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Re: MOGA 2014

Postby TeamMina » Sun 2013-12-01, 11:32:57

We have a room rented out for the event.
Just hoping Mike can get the weekend off.

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Re: MOGA 2014

Postby Handyman-N-Fam » Wed 2014-02-26, 17:43:07

I will be there! So far, I have attended every mega event ever held in the state of Ohio. I don't want to ruin that streak now. :roll:

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Re: MOGA 2014

Postby allenite » Wed 2014-02-26, 19:10:01

I will be down there as well. Working on a few more counties on the way as well.

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