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Geo-Mudhens Event Planning

Postby cachergirl27 » Sun 2010-02-21, 13:31:35

Suchanana brought up the idea again for the Mudhens outing. I am still more than willing to head it up, but I need committment! Please let me know if you're interested (date pending, of course!) and I will try to pull together some dates.

SuchaNana wrote:[quote="jhenkel- committment to get group tix.

i'll commit to 4 tix - how many more make a group?[/quote]
From what I remember on group tix for Mudhens, 20 or 25 is the minimum...and then there's the issue of if we want a picnic, too. Let's move this discussion to the Events section & I will start the topic there! :)

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