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Website going down this week for a few hours.

Posted: Tue 2010-11-02, 14:44:33
by jslagle
Morning guys,

For a long time we've been running the CPGNuke software suite. We've made some custom changes and modifications to it that have made it difficult to update and patch. There are security implications to that which we see every day with things like forum spam. Additionally, it's stuck running on an aging dying machine.

I've wanted for a long time to move the website over to a new platform, and had originally targeted Joomla - it's the software currently powering the migo and mwgb sites. However, it's a fairly big investment of time from me to do it, and I've needed a web designer to help out - those two things have really never materialized.

After a lot of consideration, I've decided the best course of action is to move the site to phpBB directly. This is a newer copy of the forum software that is embedded in these forums. In all actuality, it fits us well. We are pretty much just a web forum. We make use of very few of the additional features offered to us by CPGNuke such as news articles and downloads. The few news articles we post can be handled via things like this new forum I've created - the announcements forum.

This migration will happen sometime this week. I'm not sure which day this week I'll take the time to do it. When I do though, the website will be down for several hours. When it comes back up it will look and feel different.

Initially it will be unthemed and may go straight to the forums listing. The theme here is a variation of the theme which we'll be using on the new site. As I get more time, I'll do the necessary logo resizes, etc to brand the forums much as they are now.

I'd like to personally thank each of you for sticking around. This site has been running for 7 and a half years now in some form or another. Although my interest in caching has waned somewhat in that time, I consider many of you to be friends, and good friends at that. You're an awesome group of people.

I'll try to let everyone know an hour or so before I take it down as I have some prep work to do then anyways.


Re: Website going down this week for a few hours.

Posted: Tue 2010-11-02, 17:03:17
by GoodDog
Thanks Jason. Whatever you come up with will be fine and we will patient with the tweeking that you have to do. I hope Gizmo and maybe Rusty can help.

Re: Website going down this week for a few hours.

Posted: Wed 2010-11-17, 14:53:43
by jslagle
I think I'm going to go ahead and do this today. After lunch I will be bringing the site down.