Set-up & Clean-up

Event planning for the 2010 Holiday Shindig.

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Set-up & Clean-up

Postby cachergirl27 » Fri 2010-09-17, 18:19:08

This forum is to be used for those volunteering for this area.

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Re: Set-up & Clean-up

Postby GoodDog » Wed 2010-10-13, 15:24:26

I have to be there to open and close the building, so I'll be part of the setup/cleanup crew. This building isn't like Toledo Metroparks: we do the table and chair setups.

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Re: Set-up & Clean-up

Postby scuba » Sun 2010-10-17, 13:16:49

I have to be there early and late for decorations anyways, so we will help

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Re: Set-up & Clean-up

Postby Papa2All » Tue 2010-11-16, 00:45:33

Dolphin Lady and I plan on being there early to help decorate so we can help set up again. That is as long as it is not too early I need my beauty sleep you know! Probably be there to close again so take down also.

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Re: Set-up & Clean-up

Postby TheBearclaws » Tue 2010-11-30, 17:23:23

I'll be helping with set up and clean up.

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