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Fall Event suggestion

Postby TeamMina » Sun 2010-08-08, 23:55:56

We know this had come up in a couple other spots, and we are making this suggestion without the ability to help plan & organize it. We can't even be able to guarantee making it (lovely retail jobs).

But due to some circumtances, it's not looking like a Fall event in Defiance is feasible. So, since there is some who are interested in throwing one, and perhaps NWOGEO being interested in stretching it's wings out a bit, we would like to un-offically offically offer the idea of having a Lima area Fall Event.

Thank you, and now back to your scheduled programming.

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Re: Fall Event suggestion

Postby cachergirl27 » Tue 2010-08-10, 11:37:50

I was talking to a Lima area member of NWOGEO who was looking into a 10/10/10 event. Anyone interested in something like that?

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Re: Fall Event suggestion

Postby yogi57 » Tue 2010-08-10, 14:05:27

How about 10/09/10? My birthday

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