SC Meeting Minutes 4/18/2010

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SC Meeting Minutes 4/18/2010

Postby cachergirl27 » Tue 2010-04-27, 18:32:12

[align=center]Steering Committee Meeting 4/18/2010[/align]

Attendees: MightyMo, RustyNail09, Jhenkel, FlyBye, Jslagle

[align=center]MWGB Merchandise[/align]

Preform caches: Discussed that we will put together log, golf pencil & container with cap and sell for $1.00 each. Josh is checking on the cost of golf pencils and checking on availability of caps from the Pepsi/Coke distributors.

Pathtags: Will be sold for $1.50 or 4 for $5; we have 60 left. Discussed ordering more pathtags for the event. Jen will create a discussion for pathtag ordering in SC forum
Volunteer forum for MWGB: Jen will get a volunteer listing for sign ups to cover the table in Spangler.
Fees for having table: it was reiterated that to have a table in Spangler, we are to donate 10% of our expected profits in merchandise to the silent auction.

Jason has posted links to several different ones that have already been done up. He will post on GoogleDocs to read & edit. When we edit GoogleDocs will track who makes what changes, so we don't need to log it. SC members should read these & we will discuss again @ SpringFling.

Three members of NWOGEO have written some sample guidelines. We will edit the 3 different sheets. It would be best to break it up into two separate topics: cache placement guidelines & how to place your first cache. All SC members are to review and comment by May 1.

[align=center]Spring Fling [/align]
Yogi is picking up/returning the barn key.

Jane has been getting cache placements secured. For sure: Fusion has 2, McCombRef has 2, Blondiegirls have 2, and Nikonman has 1.

Fusion will print out cache sheets for cachers to pick up.

Poker sheets will be placed by T-Hunter; Jason will send Jen the poker run sheets, Jen will print the labels & index cards. The index cards will be available with the cache coordinate sheets. Jason will run the poker run program.

Door Prizes: first aid kits, lariats, Panera card, premium membership, t-shirt (ladies)

Food: we need cooks although Jason volunteered to cook. Jason & Jen will bring charcoal, Jason is getting ketchup/mustard . Jane will pick up the meat. Ric will provide the coolers for the pop. Jason & Jen will provide the electric roasting pans to keep the cooked meat warm.
We still need someone to pick up the pop and ice for the event.

Jen will get & sort through the NWOGEO paper products & buy what we need to fill in. Also bring the name tags/pens/pencils, etc….

Will get a bump on the volunteer stuff on NWOGEO and also mention on the page we need volunteers.

[align=center]Next Mtg[/align]
Next meeting time was secured. All SC members are checking their calendar.

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