2/21/2010 SC Meeting Notes

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2/21/2010 SC Meeting Notes

Postby cachergirl27 » Wed 2010-03-03, 00:45:18

These notes have been read and approved by SC members. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask one of the SC members!

2/21/2010 Meeting Notes

Attendees: JSlagle, FlyBye, Mrs. BBD, Jhenkel, RustyNail09, T-Hunter & MightyMo

1. Shindig locations:
a. Spring: discussed using White Star Park in Gibsonburg or Litzenburg in Findlay again. These are being checked on for price/availability.
b. Winter: discussed keeping this at Ward Pavilion. Checking with the Metroparks to see if we can get a reduced rate.

2. Becoming Non-Profit:
Discussed the pros/cons of becoming non-profit. Everyone present agreed that non-profit would be a good next step. The next step is to craft bylaws. The bylaws of other local groups will be reviewed and tweaked to fit NWOGEO’s needs. More research will be done as to how to become non-profit & ramifications.

3. “Bump� Thread
Discussed the fact that we cannot police every cache. SC to contact a few members & discuss if a framework for “guidelines� can be drawn up. SC will then work with this to create guidelines to be posted on the website.

4. NWOGEO Sanctioned M & E in Defiance
Discussed frequency, location & who would be responsible for running the M & E in Defiance. SC will contact some of the Defiance area cachers to get their input on this issue. Main problem would be finding a location that is quiet & wifi enabled in Defiance.

5. MWGB Hospitality Tent
Discussed where the booth should be set up. Trying to work with MWGB to get the booth in a high traffic area near the main events. NWOGEO has been asked to have a greater presence at this year’s Bash. SC is working with MWGB to find out how we can best use our resources. Some ideas brought up were: lists of area caches along with maps of the county, lists of area restaurants and stores, emergency information (i.e. hospitals), people manning the tent with general local information.
Ideas for items in the hospitality tent were: t-shirts for sale, pathtags, can koozies. It was discussed that we will ask for volunteers to man the tent on the website as soon as we know the details of where the tent will be. We need to decide what hours the tent will be open/manned.

6. GeoMudHens Event
This idea was revived by a NWOGEO member. We agreed this would be a good event to have, although we will have to figure out how to make it an event on geocaching.com. We will pick a date for mid-summer on a Saturday most likely & see if we can get 25 tickets committed (for group rate) and prepaid. Discussed the picnic idea, but decided not to do a picnic at the game because of expense of tickets.

7. FlashMob Event
Another idea revived by a NWOGEO member. This is already in the works to happen in May on WWFM day. Event will be held at Walbridge park by the fountain with a fishing theme.

8. Transparency of SC Meetings
Minutes will be posted after each SC meeting on the Website.

9. Frequency of SC Meetings
It was agreed that quarterly meetings will be held. If we need special discussion, we can utilize the website or call a special meeting.

10. Website
Discussed the revamping of the website. This will be worked on soon. Also discussed making a Forum Topic/section of the website titled “Are you coming to NW Ohio?� with the idea that we list our favorite caches on there for out of town cachers to check out.

11. Term Limits
No specific term limits were set. When a member decides to vacate their position, nominations from within the SC and any public nominations will be considered. The decision will be made by the remaining SC members. There is no open election.

12. Next SC Meeting
The next SC meeting was tentatively set. Members are to check their calendars and confirm availability.

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Re: 2/21/2010 SC Meeting Notes

Postby RustyNail09 » Wed 2010-03-03, 04:52:32

If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to drop any of us a line, catch us at the meet and eats, or start a discussion thread on a topic and we will gladly listen/discuss any concerns.

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