2017 Geocaching Resolutions

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2017 Geocaching Resolutions

Postby Starkacher » Tue 2016-12-20, 00:17:13

Any 2017 geocaching resolutions? Here are mine...

1) My primary geo-resolution for 2017 is to complete the three Tri State Treaty Challenges (for Ohio, Michigan and Indiana) and find those three geocaches (GC3VJCQ, GC3VJD0, GC3VJD5). In order to qualify for two of these (Ohio & Michigan), I need to find at least 61 more geocaches in the state of Indiana. I already have 39 Indiana finds, but I need to get that up to 100. I already have many times the required 100 finds in Michigan and Ohio.
2) My secondary resolution is to get to the half way point for the Ohio 360 degree challenge. I have 160 degrees found currently, so I need to find caches in 20 or more of the degrees in Ohio.
3) The third resolution for the year is to complete the second round of my finds calendar. I have 12 dates with only one find on which I want to get at least 1 more find. After completing that goal, I am going to take a break from goals that require a cache find on a particular date. I do not like being obligated to go caching on a particular day and also having to save a few nearby caches or limit finding all the caches on a trip (just in case).
4) The final resolution will be to get to the point that I can have an ongoing goal to hide at least one geocache for every 100 finds. I am at 38 total hides (36 active) and have just under 4000 finds, so I will continue my 2016 goal of hiding one (or more) geocaches a month until my desired total hides/finds ratio is exceeded and then will try to maintain it from that point forward. Note that this will be based on total hides and not active hides, as at some point too many active hides might become a burden.

What are your goals/resolutions for 2017?

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Re: 2017 Geocaching Resolutions

Postby SuchaNana » Tue 2016-12-20, 22:07:25

first, get thru 2016... :roll:
then try to do all the necessary maintenance on my caches... :oops:
finally, find some more of NWOGEO members' caches... :P
SuchaNana...Life is STILL an Adventure...

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