Mighty Mo's Caches

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Mighty Mo's Caches

Postby Starkacher » Sun 2015-08-23, 04:19:38

Some of you may know that Mighty Mo's GC2RFCA - T-Track Too has likely been missing for quite some time and now has a Needs Maintenance log. Keystone just put out a Reviewer Note on it (see below). I believe some of his caches were adopted out after his passing (or at least are being maintained), but I am not sure. This one is obviously not one of them. Does anyone know the details about his families wishes (or have his GC account PW). The Reviewer Note on T-Track Too: "If anyone is aware of arrangements made for the care or adoption of Mighty Mo's caches, please contact me or write to Geocaching HQ via the Help Center. Instructions from family members would be followed.
Otherwise, as this terrific CO's caches begin to go missing, they will need to be archived.
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Re: Mighty Mo's Caches

Postby Handyman-N-Fam » Sun 2015-08-23, 11:00:08

If you look at Mighty Mo's profile under the "Geocaches" tab, you will see that the total owned caches is 22. You will also notice that there are only 8 caches still listed as owned. That is because cheech gang adopted the majority of MM's caches.
Cheech will need to chime in, but there were reasons (such as permit issues) that he didn't adopt them all. I would imagine if you could contact a family member, the remainder could still be adopted out.
I know that there were a couple cachers who Mighty Mo was pretty close to that might still have contact info. I also know that Mo's son in law cached for a period too. His player name was JokerCM. I would try to start with him.

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Re: Mighty Mo's Caches

Postby cheechgang » Mon 2015-08-24, 13:38:11

I only adopted those that I was comfortable with due to the issues mentioned. I do not have contact info.

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