WOOT goes geocaching?

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WOOT goes geocaching?

Postby TeamMina » Fri 2013-11-01, 07:57:03


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Re: WOOT goes geocaching?

Postby GrizzFlyer » Fri 2013-11-01, 11:48:55

Anybody have any input on the Magellan Exp 710? Does it require purchase of additional software to get street level maps?

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Re: WOOT goes geocaching?

Postby cheechgang » Fri 2013-11-01, 14:24:21

I don't know about the GPS, but I did used to by all my lock&locks from Woot. Haven't seen them lately.
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Re: WOOT goes geocaching?

Postby Starkacher » Sun 2013-11-03, 11:50:57

My Mag Exp 510 shows all the streets right out of the box. So I assume the 710 would.

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