Remove UNwanted Souvenirs

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Remove UNwanted Souvenirs

Postby SuchaNana » Tue 2013-08-13, 14:24:32

with all the hullabaloo about not wanting the august [and perhaps other] souvenirs - post your request through here

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Re: Remove UNwanted Souvenirs

Postby Handyman-N-Fam » Tue 2013-08-13, 18:16:36

I'm gonna give them out as first to find prizes in new caches I hide. :mrgreen:

A while back I accidentally logged a cache in Manitoba. I was awarded a souvenir for the accomplishment, but the prize remained even after deleting my find log. I sent a message to Groundspeak, and it was promptly removed.

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Re: Remove UNwanted Souvenirs

Postby TeamMina » Fri 2013-08-16, 06:16:57

Usually garage sales are a great way of getting rid of unwanted souvenirs.

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