NEWBIE needs guidance

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NEWBIE needs guidance

Postby wendtbirding » Fri 2012-01-27, 11:20:21

Wow...I am overwhelmed by all the information on this website! Where to start...?

:?: I've done a little bit of geocaching but it's been a couple of years so I need to get up to speed on finding nearby do I find them? I go to a website somewhere and enter my zip code????

:?: I am GPS challenged and need "coordinates" tutoring...where can I get info. on "understanding your GPS"?

:?: I am a trustee for Huron County Ohio's portion of the NorthCoast Inland Trail and would like to sponsor geocaching on the Firelands Rails To Trails [url]<[/url]> ... how do I get organized and start this activity for the public?

That's enough questions for now! Thanks in advance for your advice.

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Re: NEWBIE needs guidance

Postby styx » Fri 2012-01-27, 13:36:05

Welcome back!

The web site is

If you don't already have an account it is easy to register. There are also lots of resources on that site to help you get started. You may want to consider becoming a premium member ($30/year) as it allows you access to premium caches and additional benefits. This is also where you log if you have found (or couldn't find) the caches you are hunting.

One of the main benefits is the ability to create "pocket queries". This is where you can enter in a zip code and create a file with 500 caches around that zip code. You can also select to only show caches that you have not found or certain cache types.

If you are purchasing a new GPS, try to buy one that will allow you to do "paperless" geocaching. Basically you will be able to connect your GPS to your computer via USB cable and copy your pocket query (GPX) file into your GPS. You will then have all 500 caches with all of the information about them on your unit. There are also apps for android and apple devices (smart phones) that will work as well.

Placing caches is fun and easy but I would recommend waiting until you have found 100 or so.... That way you will have a better idea of the cache types, hides, and containers.

You may want to consider coming to our monthly meet on the first TUESDAY of the month. The next is 2/7/2012 at the Schlotzski's Deli on south Reynolds Road at 6:30pm. You will meet lots of great people who can answer all of your questions.

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