Forest Managment and Caching

Discussion of geocaching land use

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Forest Managment and Caching

Postby Isotelus » Wed 2005-03-09, 15:16:19

I recieved this article that lightly talks on policy of some of our forest managers. You may find this to be interesting.

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Re: Forest Managment and Caching

Postby mongooz » Wed 2005-03-09, 21:10:16

that's a pretty cool article. it seems mostly positive toward our game. hopefully the various agencies will get to understand that geocaching generally isnt a "high impact" activity, any more than backpacking or hiking is, and ease up on some of the restrictions in some places.

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Re: Forest Managment and Caching

Postby GoodDog » Fri 2005-03-18, 21:22:36

Pretty good article. It give us some hope that there maybe some flexability in the future. On a similar note, I just posted a note about a conversation I had with the Toledo Metro Parks and their caching policies.

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