First Cache placement

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First Cache placement

Postby WinChester2.0 » Tue 2006-07-04, 19:32:33

Mrs. and I are in the process of putting together out first cache, and I want to make sure we're within the bounds of what is acceptable.

What we're thinking is a 4 stage multi, where the first stages are only to obtain numbers for the last coordinates. The numbers can be obtained without even getting out of the car. My question is about the location of the numbers:

On the front of a post office. (Public building/terrorist threat concern)
On the front of a firehouse. (same)
On the front of a church. (Possible religious agenda)

After reading the guidelines, I'm not sure if we should use these stages or not. I really don't think the post office and firehouse of a 150 pop village are potential terrorist targets, but they are technically government buildings. Then again, cachers aren't getting out of the car here, we're just reading numbers.

What about the church? The only reason I want to include it is because it's been the topic of many news stories for the past year or so. Again, it's in a small village, but could it get turned down for supporting a religious agenda?

Any thoughts?
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Re: First Cache placement

Postby GizmoGuy411 » Wed 2006-07-05, 04:57:52

We have some reviewers that watch this board. Hopefully they will give you some feedback. However it may take a few days, as many of them are at the Midwest GeoBash until next week or are headed there.

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Re: First Cache placement

Postby Stumpy75 » Wed 2006-07-05, 11:49:31

Just reading numbers off of a building would seem ok to me. There are several caches that I know of on Fire Dept and church grounds. One I did was right in front of a police station!

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Re: First Cache placement

Postby cheechgang » Wed 2006-07-05, 12:21:23

One I did is IN a police station...

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Re: First Cache placement

Postby jsj444 » Wed 2006-07-05, 15:17:15

I was going to say the same thing Cheech, I remember that one. Pretty weird, but it obviously was approved.

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Re: First Cache placement

Postby jimbobwe » Wed 2006-07-05, 15:51:35

It's only a religious agenda if your preaching.I have a cache that's located on my Church property.With approval from my pastor of course.

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Re: First Cache placement

Postby Cachemeister » Wed 2006-07-05, 17:00:27

I've done several church caches in Dresden, Germany. Some were micros on the church itself, but most were multi's that had you read dates or names to calculate the coords for the next stage, with the physical cache being close by.
I know it's a different country, but they were all approved for

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Re: First Cache placement

Postby BlackBrownDog » Wed 2006-07-05, 17:38:28

You could get permission from each site if you are concerned. Just say you are running a scavenger hunt, so they don't become concerned when folks are looking a little longer than usual.

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