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2008 Spring Event ideas

Posted: Wed 2008-03-05, 17:16:48
by GizmoGuy411
To get the ball rolling, here are some talking points for us to consider. We can break them down into their own forum topics if necessary as we progress.

- More volunteers are needed badly, and probably someone to take the lead too. From the looks of it, no current Steering Committee Members will have time to take the lead on this in time for the event. Last year we had at least 14 event planning members.

- 2008 Spring Event Theme and name.
Do we want a theme this year, or do we just want it to be a spring picnic?

- Food. We usually just do potluck for spring. I vote we keep it so.

- Activities. Do we want to do a poker run again, or does anyone have any other suggestions.

- Post Event page. I'll post the event page at GC as soon as we have some more details.