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Winter Cannonball Courier

Postby Handyman-N-Fam » Sun 2012-12-09, 18:22:35

If I knew how to post an attachment on here, I would, but I don't. So, here is a copy and paste of an article Mina wrote for The Cannonball Courier.

The Cannonball Courier wrote:Hello! My name is Mina, the Geodog. I’ve been asked to write an article
about geocaching for this Winter 2012 Newsletter. I am having my humans write
what I dictate to them. If you see any spelling mistakes, don’t blame the dog!
Winter may seem like a strange
time to introduce people to my favorite
pastime, geocaching. I spent most of
my free time involved with it, but any
excuse for me to get out onto the
Cannonball Trail is acceptable.
Geocaching is often described
as high-tech treasure hunting.
All you need to do it is:
1. A account
(basis membership is free)
2. A GPS, or smart phone with
the official geocaching app
3. A writing instrument of your
choice to sign the log sheets
of the caches you find.
4. A geodog (optional, but recommended)
To find a cache near you, all you need to do is perform a search at the
website and enter the coordinates into you machine. Then, off you go! Most
sections of the Trail can be accessed easily from where the roads cross them.
In most instances you would unlikely have to travel father than a half mile from
your parking area to a geocache.
Some caches are really small, like a matchstick holder or magnetic keyholder.
Others can be as large as an ammo can. The geocaching site often
lists the size of the cache so you know what you are looking for. There is also
a difficulty rating system (1-easy to 5-hard) as well as a terrain rating system
(1-wheelchair accessible to 5-needs a boat or to climb a tree. All caches are
rated using this system. Both terrain and caches on the Trail usually merit a 2
rating. But that does not matter to us geodogs. We go straight to the cache
(unless a wild critter distracts us). There are almost 250 caches on the WCT.
If you have any questions about geocaching you can contact my
humans, Mike and Sheryl at: ID:TeamMina or Email
shadowcountry@hotmail. com
Now if you will excuse me I have some pizza crust waiting for me.

Article and pictures submitted by Mike and Sheryl Grauman

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Re: Winter Cannonball Courier

Postby styx » Sun 2012-12-09, 18:50:31

Much better than the recent article in the blade... Pax was wondering if there is any left over crust? :D
I know I don't have the longest streak
........ but do I have the longest slump?

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Re: Winter Cannonball Courier

Postby Mighty_Mo » Sun 2012-12-09, 19:49:34

That Mina sure has her act together.


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Re: Winter Cannonball Courier

Postby Team_Maltese » Sun 2012-12-09, 23:43:38

Zoe and Daisy say "Well done Mina, woof-woof" :D
woof-woof from geo-pups Zoe and Daisy

mrs. teammina
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Re: Winter Cannonball Courier

Postby mrs. teammina » Mon 2012-12-10, 02:51:00

I was going to attach the newsletter but the file is too big. :cry:

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Re: Winter Cannonball Courier

Postby TeamMina » Fri 2012-12-21, 01:38:40

Our last post before the Apocalypse might just be, fittingly, a link to the NORTA Newsletter, complete with pics of Mina. ... r_2012.pdf

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