GPS unit

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GPS unit

Postby WISDAS » Wed 2010-04-07, 03:39:24

What is a nice not too expensive hand held gps unit? At the moment we use my droid but when I am at work the guys dont have anything to use.

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Re: GPS unit

Postby Keger8 » Wed 2010-04-07, 20:37:21

I am happy with my eTrex Legend, under $100 and it got me my first 100 finds or so

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Re: GPS unit

Postby T-Hunter » Wed 2010-04-07, 20:51:15

yes the etrex legend is really good for the money. You will have to either have print outs or know everything about the cache though since it doesn't support paperless caching.

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Re: GPS unit

Postby rowdie » Thu 2010-04-08, 16:38:08

I have an eTrex Legend which is a good unit. It does have issues in densely wooded areas with losing satellite reception. I also have an eTrex Legend HCX. The HCX has the high sensitivity receiver in it. I rarely have issues with satellite reception with the HCx.
A while back, someone did a real nice write up in one of the forums about the differences in some of the GPS receivers. It might be worth your while to check that thread.

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Re: GPS unit

Postby bravo872 » Tue 2010-04-20, 19:55:05

I do not mean to interrupt the discussion but could you guys clarify if any of these GPSes are for sale?

We need an etrex that will accept microSD cards.

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