UM/Delaware State tickets

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UM/Delaware State tickets

Postby Jimmy_System » Fri 2009-10-16, 22:09:47

If anyone wants to go to the game tomorrow, I have 2 tickets. They're yours for $50. That's like buy one, get one free.
They're in Section 2, row 83. Send me an email through my profile if you're interested.

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Re: UM/Delaware State tickets

Postby Handyman-N-Fam » Fri 2009-11-06, 21:03:02

Why would anyone pay $50 to go see Mighigan? :D

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Re: UM/Delaware State tickets

Postby GeoFlint13 » Fri 2009-11-06, 23:33:18

You couldn't pay me enough to step into that God-forsaken stadium!
Good Luck & Happy Hunting!

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Re: UM/Delaware State tickets

Postby TheMetalSteve » Sat 2009-11-07, 02:39:27

it was almost a close game too... heh heh

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