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Pathtag display board -Lookee

Postby GrizzFlyer » Thu 2009-04-09, 02:34:38

Here are a couple of photos of my pathtags hanging on a board made by Geoflint13 (Eric). About a hundred on there right now, have a row all reserved for more local pathtags. Had to take the photos at a small angle to avoid flash spots.

Eric does a great job with these boards, I'm sure pleased with this one he made for me. Different designs/sizes available.

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Re: Pathtag display board -Lookee

Postby TeamMina » Thu 2009-04-09, 03:18:55

Geez, yours looks about as full as ours does now!
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Re: Pathtag display board -Lookee

Postby sunrenay » Thu 2009-04-09, 03:20:50

That's really nice!

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Re: Pathtag display board -Lookee

Postby yogi57 » Thu 2009-04-09, 11:47:22

There's a rumor that a display will be given away as a prize at the spring picnic. :wink:

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Re: Pathtag display board -Lookee

Postby T-Hunter » Thu 2009-04-09, 12:17:23

Mine isn't near that full but maybe after I get my tag and do some trading I can catch up to the tag masters!
(Pic to come later)

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Re: Pathtag display board -Lookee

Postby GeoFlint13 » Thu 2009-04-09, 13:52:09

Thank you everyone! I was really young when I started tinkering around with wood in my grandpa and grandma's garage. That's been almost 30 years now. I have made many things for myself over the years but this is really the first time that I have made something for someone else. I know that a few people have geocoins that they collect because they understandable don't want to take the chance of having the coin stolen from a cache. So in the next few weeks I hope to start making a geocoin display. What I have come up with is basically a shadow box design. When I get one made, I will post a couple of pictures. I wish that I had the know-how to create my own website, but for now I have created a Myspace account just for . I have posted photos of the pathtag displays that I have made so far. I can make any size of display from 7 different kinds of wood and stain it any color available. T-Hunter's holds 50 PT's, TeamMina's holds 96 and Grizzflyers holds 120. If anyone has questions or wants prices, you can e-mail me at
Thanks again,
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