Swing Dancer grabs #4000

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Swing Dancer grabs #4000

Postby mdwalsh19 » Mon 2017-10-30, 08:26:21

Swing Dancer grabbed his #4000 find @ GC7AZV1 SQ White Pine Memorial.

Congrats Scott!!!!

SW00P was lucky to witness the occasion. Party details should be forth coming.

:blowup: :clap:

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Re: Swing Dancer grabs #4000

Postby cheechgang » Wed 2017-11-01, 03:06:20

Outstanding! And only 6000 more to catch Sw00p.
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Re: Swing Dancer grabs #4000

Postby Starkacher » Mon 2017-11-06, 15:53:23


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Re: Swing Dancer grabs #4000

Postby SuchaNana » Mon 2017-11-06, 18:21:10

woohoo.... suchafine geo accomplishment scott, well done... :clap: :clap:
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Re: Swing Dancer grabs #4000

Postby TheBearclaws » Thu 2017-11-23, 13:08:57

Way to go Scott!!!

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