Just Bragging - Hit 1,000

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Just Bragging - Hit 1,000

Postby Boiler-Todd » Wed 2014-12-24, 13:03:29

Just tooting my own horn.

Took advantage of my Christmas vacation to get my 1,000th cache. It was a fruitful week. I also headed out to Port Clinton to get the last cache I needed for my alphanumeric cacher's name challenge. I needed the elusive cacher's name that started with the number "8". Thanks to those at the Christmas shin dig that told me about project-gc. That site helped me find the cache I needed. Then headed out to the Swanton area to log the challenge cache as my 1,000th. Glad to get all that done before the bad winter weather hits.

Hope Santa brings everyone good Health and lots of swag this Christmas. Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

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Re: Just Bragging - Hit 1,000

Postby cheechgang » Wed 2014-12-24, 17:14:39

Well worth bragging about. Congratulations on the 1K and the challenge. Keep on having fun

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Re: Just Bragging - Hit 1,000

Postby Handyman-N-Fam » Thu 2014-12-25, 10:55:47

Wait, What? You used one of my caches for your milestone?! It is an honor. :D

Congrats on the accomplishment!!

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Re: Just Bragging - Hit 1,000

Postby cachergirl27 » Fri 2014-12-26, 08:20:42

Congrats on becoming Golden!!!!! Merry 1,000th cache, Boiler Todd!

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Re: Just Bragging - Hit 1,000

Postby TheBearclaws » Sun 2014-12-28, 18:26:42

Congratulations on the milestone! Hope you have a lot more fun!

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Re: Just Bragging - Hit 1,000

Postby sm_geo » Fri 2015-02-20, 21:21:12

1000 caches! Congrats! Here's to many more.

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