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EVINCE Geochecker is Dead!

Posted: Wed 2017-03-15, 15:11:28
by Starkacher
After coming up with a second possible solution for a local puzzle, I tried to check the solution using the geochecker (EVINCE). It was down. After two days, I posted my frustration on a Facebook group and found out that EVINCE was shut down about a month ago and will not be returning. If your puzzle uses EVINCE as a checker, you need to change to another checker. PLEASE!

Re: EVINCE Geochecker is Dead!

Posted: Mon 2017-04-10, 11:42:31
by Starkacher
Podcacher Podcast on their April 9th show told the reason EVINCE ended. Its creator & sponsor Prime Reviewer (reviewer from Texas) recently passed away. ... =3&theater