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QR codes

Postby GoodDog » Mon 2011-10-31, 20:36:23

Hey Jason/Gizmo

I got this from our naturalist today. Can we do this with our web site? If a cacher could get a local park or interesting historical location to cooperate you could make a pretty interesting cache. Maybe a whole new catergory.

I watched a pretty cool 4 minute video on the use of QR (“Quick Response”) codes and how NYC used them in Central Park. Normally I don’t get too geeked about technology, but I really think these things can do a lot for us in parks specifically, and for the city in general. They can be used to share information, interpret natural resources and local history, link the user with schedules, give information about tournaments, offer fitness tips, link to city websites and offices, show trail mileage, list opening and closing times, make announcements and answer questions about what is going on with traffic, trash pick ups, parades, etc. The list is endless. The best part is that QR codes are free to make and all we would need is to link the code with our websites. Staff could then update the information as need be....

Check out the video below when you have 4 minutes.

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Re: QR codes

Postby RustyNail09 » Tue 2011-11-08, 11:19:46

The best way I could see these used us with the metroparks, state parks, ect. To give quick access to cachers on the go a quick place to scan and get a list of available list of caches within the park limits and links to their gc pages.

This technology could also be used during shindig to provide a paperless list of temp caches, itinerary of events, and other general info.
Just my $. 02

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Re: QR codes

Postby SuchaNana » Tue 2011-11-08, 12:58:02

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