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Postby TeamMina » Sun 2011-09-11, 07:40:13

Mina got skunked for the first time Friday. Luckily, she wasn't at ground zero of the spray, but still stunk pretty bad.
So in case this happens to you, or your furry loved one, this is what we found out.

We talked to our vet, and they recommended against the old tomoto juice solution. Said it can take 5 times or more washing the dog in it, and still not remove all the smell. What they suggested, which we did, seemed to work in just one treatment.

Summer's Eve Douche. Yup, they said that's what works best, and what the Police Dep't uses on their dogs use when get skunked.
So we stopped in Chief on the way home and bought 4 boxes. We put Mina in the tub dry, and poured the 8 bottles over her, rubbing it with a rag over her face as well. Let it all soak in for about as long as we can both stand it, then washed it off, and used her regular doggie shampoo afterwards.

Can't smell a thing on her now. Hopefully, we never hafta find out if it works if she, or us, ever gets a full force of a blast. :mrgreen:

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Postby GoodDog » Tue 2011-09-13, 00:50:31

uhhh..mmmm. Ah, never mind. :shakehead:

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Postby TheBearclaws » Tue 2011-09-13, 06:51:56

Thanks for the info. Last time one of our dogs took a direct hit we used tomato juice followed up with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. After several soaks and rinses the majority of the smell was gone but the white parts of the dog were dyed orange.

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Postby Handyman-N-Fam » Tue 2011-09-13, 07:12:23

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