Linux compatability?

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Linux compatability?

Postby Jimmy_System » Mon 2009-11-30, 02:49:14

Special K is thinking about switching to Linux. Do Garmin or Delorme have linux compatable software, or can they only run through Windows?

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Re: Linux compatability?

Postby GizmoGuy411 » Mon 2009-11-30, 03:35:16

Pretty much just Windows a little Mac. I don't think there is a lot of compatibility or Linux.

If you look in our forum for the GPSMAP 60/76 CS/CSx there is a chart that shows what Garmin Software has Win & Mac compatibility. I do not recall any official programs from Garmin.

If you DO find any, let us know here so we can add them to the chart.

As far as Delome goes, I have NO idea.

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Re: Linux compatability?

Postby Mighty_Mo » Mon 2009-11-30, 04:32:46

You might want to check on the DeLORME forum for Linux compatability

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