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Geomate Jr.

Postby GoodDog » Sat 2009-11-21, 18:05:31

I was reading the Groundspeak email, which I hardly ever do, and saw an ad form them about the Geomate Jr. gps. What a deal. for $69 you get a basic gps with 250,000 geocaches preloaded. The gps can ony add one waypoint (your car, home etc,) a few more would have been nice, and has no bells and whistles which I don't use anyway. For an additinal $24 you can buy an upgrade kit that allows you to get new geocaches. What a great way for a non techie to get started or get a kid involved. I may send my new Oregon back.

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Re: Geomate Jr.

Postby 2trux » Sun 2009-11-22, 14:13:16

They were demonstrating them at GeoWoodstock this year. As I recollect, the target audience was geocaching kids. While the parents would be using their good GPS, the kids could use one of these.

The only use I *might* have for it, would be to get around the 500 waypoint maximiums in a PQ. If I've got 250k in the device and happen to be out and about, perhaps I can find a cache based on just the coordinates.

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