GC cache page wallpaper

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GC cache page wallpaper

Postby GoodDog » Tue 2009-10-06, 22:44:08

I recently started adding a different wallpaper photo to some caches. Is there a way to view this wall paper without all the cache info blocking 90% of it.? I've seen some interesting backgrounds lately but can't figure a way to view the picture. Going to the source only gets you a bunch of computer code.

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Re: GC cache page wallpaper

Postby TheBearclaws » Wed 2009-10-07, 01:10:57

I don't know the purpose or how to view them, like you said most of it is blocked.

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Re: GC cache page wallpaper

Postby Mighty_Mo » Wed 2009-10-07, 02:52:09


Go to the cache page and view the "source"
Hold CTRL and press F (find) type "background" and click on "Find Next" copy something that looks like

Then paste it into the address bar of your browser.

Hope this helps

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Re: GC cache page wallpaper

Postby GizmoGuy411 » Wed 2009-10-07, 07:52:42

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