SPOT Satellite tracking

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SPOT Satellite tracking

Postby GrizzFlyer » Wed 2009-04-15, 23:56:54

Neat system, could be some applications of this in geocaching.

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Re: SPOT Satellite tracking

Postby GizmoGuy411 » Thu 2009-04-16, 05:35:13

Great idea. Never knew something that small could transmit to space.

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Re: SPOT Satellite tracking

Postby cheechgang » Thu 2009-04-16, 12:59:50

These are small and transmit into space just fine


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Re: SPOT Satellite tracking

Postby GoodDog » Thu 2009-04-16, 18:30:54

This is a great idea. I lead a boring life, but for a world traveler like Cheech, it would be a must. The Cat in the Hat would be a little akward on a trip.

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