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Graphic Design HELP Requested

Postby GizmoGuy411 » Sun 2006-12-31, 18:24:21

As I am artistically challenged, I wonder if anyone could help create a few BBCode icon button images for us.

A few new BBCodes were recently added to the system and the icon images I used for the edit buttons are incomplete.

Some buttons toggle from off to on, and require an icon image for both toggle states.

For now I am using only the "off" image for each new BBCode button, and their respective "on" images are blank.

This is an example of how the button icon images SHOULD look:

[img][/img] Underline OFF. (The background for the OFF images is probably supposed to be transparent.)
[img][/img] Underline ON. Note that the ON images have a light blue background, and slightly darker blue border. I would hope that someone could match the new icons to these colors.

Here are the icon images I added and notes for each:

[img][/img] Overline OFF. The background for this image is wrong, as it probably should be transparent. The ON image is needed.
(I created the OFF image by underlining the text letter "O" and then inverting it.)

[img][/img] Strike-through OFF. I found this image somewhere. The ON image is needed.

[img][/img] Superscript OFF. I found this image somewhere. The ON image is needed.

[img][/img] Subscript OFF. I found this image somewhere. The ON image is needed.

[img][/img] Image Sized. I found this image somewhere and it should be replaced with something that better reflects that it's purpose is to adjust the size of an image. This it not a toggled function, so there is just the one image.

Note that the images are 24 x 20, and around 100 bytes each.
The "OFF" images should probably have transparent backgrounds. Don't know what their color depth should be off hand.

Please message here if you think you could help create these.

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