website upgrades and beautification

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website upgrades and beautification

Postby Papade » Fri 2005-02-18, 02:33:56

Well done on the site upgrades!

I always appreciate a cleaner and more "eye easy" layout.

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Re: website upgrades and beautification

Postby jslagle » Fri 2005-02-18, 05:26:10

I turned on uploadable avatars. Not sure how to do it so someone else can figure it out :P
Jason Slagle
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Re: website upgrades and beautification

Postby GizmoGuy411 » Fri 2005-02-18, 07:22:13

I've made a simple modification to an existing avatar and then uploaded it for a test. It works great.

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Re: website upgrades and beautification

Postby BlackBrownDog » Fri 2005-02-18, 13:37:31

GrizzFlyer wrote:Looks good, good color selection. Haven't played with it much. Now if we can get folks to use it. I guess we aren't too yakky as a group, except for once a month at Shot-ski's.

Maybe we should start a "nana nana boo boo" thread so the FTF-ers can razz the rest of us, or we can make fun of DNFs... ;)

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